Is the Republican Party truly bankrupt?

1) Ask yourself Senators, there were 10 investigations into the Benghazi attacks with a determination to prosecute then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. While she is not innocent in that entire affair, the Republicans put forward a significant amount of effort to investigate and politically crucify Mrs Clinton over the tragic events of that day.

Without taking anything away from the horrific loss of life and catastrophic attempt at a coordinated response, it would seem the Republicans would be exponentially more exercised about a sitting US President inciting an insurrection on the US Capital, as well as endangering the lives of Vice President Pence, his family, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and many others on January 6, 2021.

2) Would Republican Senators vote to convict former President Donald Trump if he had invited Russians to invade the US Capital? Or Islamic jihadists, or narcoterrorists? Of course they would — the vote would be 100–0. So tell me Senators, how are the events, words and actions leading up to 6 January 2021 and in the months prior by President Trump and the insurrectionists on that deadly day last month, how is that different than Russians or Islamic jihadist or other enemies being invited and incited to attack the US Capital?

There is NO difference and the conviction by the US Senate in this second impeachment trial MUST be 100–0!

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